Scam Alert

** UPDATE [March 13, 2024] **

Industry members have alerted us to another scam, from someone claiming to be a producer with Tirizia Film Services and filming a short film (“The Holy Land”) in Ottawa starting March 28. The email comes from a Derek Col who is offering $1,800 for a Production Assistant or Location Assistant.

The OFO is not aware of this project or producer, and this is likely a check cashing scam. We strongly recommend ignoring the email.

– – –

It has come to our attention that there is an email scam which targets film industry members in Canada and the US, including in Ottawa. If you receive an email similar to the one below, which appears to come from Scott Mosier, do not reply.

Hi this is Scott, currently have a developmental project to work on within your city and will be needing your expertise in the area of [position]. If considered, you would be working with my production team on a lucrative term.

Send me any good sample/link of your recent work for my perusal and if considered, I will email you back with the project details. Thank you

Scott Mosier
Producer, Director, Editor, Writer, Actor

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Always check with our office if you’re unsure about the legitimacy of a production or potential job offer. We are aware of all current and upcoming productions and can confirm whether the email you received is connected to a real opportunity.

Most emails you receive related to a potential job offer should include some basic details, such as:

– Type and/or title of the production
– The city it’s filming in
– Filming date(s) or date(s) when your services are required
– Where they found your contact info (Mandy, OFO Crew Database, ProductionHUB, etc.)