Registering for the Ottawa Crew Database

If you live and work in Canada’s capital, we encourage you to join the Ottawa Crew Database to showcase your skills and experience to local and foreign producers. You can register for the database and submit a crew profile as long as you have at least one paid professional production credit in the position(s) you select, and can work as a local hire. Those without professional industry experience can still join under any or all of the Production Assistant categories (Set PA, Office PA, Art PA).


Ready to get started?

  1. Click on “Register”.
  2. Enter your first name, last name, email address, and a password. Enter the CAPTCHA text you see.
  3. After registering, you’ll receive an activation email (please check your junk/spam/other folder). Only after activating your account will you be able to complete and submit a crew profile.
  4. Once your account is activated, you’re ready to create your crew profile. Include as much information as possible on your profile, including your union affiliation (if any), credits, and a link to your IMDB page or a demo reel.
  5. Save your profile. Once you’re ready to submit it, click on preview, then on publish.
  6. Our office will review and approve your crew profile within the next three business days.

Questions or concerns about the crew database can be forwarded to [email protected].


Below you'll find some common questions about the Ottawa Crew Database.

Why should I register for the database?

Signing up for the crew database and creating your online résumé means that local, Canadian, and foreign producers/production managers can easily find, contact, and hire Ottawa-based crew. So whether you currently work in the film and television industry or are trying to, you should definitely sign up.

Additionally, the data gives us and our stakeholders an idea of how many crew currently live in Ottawa, what their skill sets and experience levels are, and where there are gaps in experience so that we can identify and recommend training in certain areas. This is one of the reasons why it’s important that users fill out their profiles accurately and honestly.

Need another reason to sign up besides the possibility of finding paid work in film and television? It’s free.

Can I create a crew profile if I don’t yet have any professional experience in the film, television or animation industry?

Yes! Students, recent graduates, and others who don’t have professional experience in the industry can register under one of the Production Assistant (PA) categories: Set PA, Art PA, Office PA, and Animation Production Assistant. Many industry professionals begin their careers as a PA before gaining more experience and moving up.

Can I register for the crew database if I live outside Ottawa?

The Ottawa Crew Database is primarily for crew living in the National Capital Region (Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec). Some exceptions are made for Ontario-based crew who live outside the region but can work in Ottawa as a local hire, meaning you have an address in Ottawa and won’t need financial assistance with accommodations or travel, and won’t request a per diem.

I registered but I can’t find the activation email or the activation link has expired.

After registering for an account, please check your email (especially your junk/spam folder) for the activation email. If you registered for an account a while ago but it was never activated, the activation link has likely expired and you will not be able to create a new account with same email address. In this case, send us an email and we’ll help you gain access to your account.

What's my username?

After you’ve registered and activated your account, you can log in using your email address (that is also your username) and the password you created. You will not be able to log in until you’ve activated your account.

Can I choose a position that I want to do, but in which I don’t have any professional experience?

Only choose positions in which you have professional paid experience, or select one of the PA positions to get started. This will help the database remain accurate while preventing delays in your profile’s approval.

The optional “additional notes” section at the bottom of your crew profile is a great place to let potential employers know what your careers goals and dream positions are, or to let them know a little more about you.

I’m an actor. Can I join the crew database?

The Ottawa Crew Database is only for crew and animators. We encourage actors and background performers to reach out to local casting companies instead.

Why does the Ottawa Film Office need to approve my profile before it’s published?

We review each crew profile before it’s published to ensure the database accurately reflects its users’ experience and skills. Before publishing your profile, we’ll verify that it is fully completed and that the position(s) you selected match your experience. We may contact you to confirm the information you’ve submitted; otherwise, you can expect your profile to be published within 3-5 business days.

I’m a producer/production manager looking for crew. Do I need to register?

There’s no need to register if you’re looking for crew – although if you’re based in Ottawa, we hope that you do. Those who are hiring can simply visit the crew database page and search by position on the dropdown menu located on the left-hand side.